Origin of the MPI

The initial idea for the MPI grew out of a conversation with a group of Richmond School District mentors (Vancouver, Canada) who worked collaboratively over a period of two years with the MPI researchers to develop the inventory.  The teachers who were involved included: Ann Augustine, Dianne Coulter, Joni Cunningham, Tina Grigoriadis, Stephanie Hardman, Lee Hunter, Jane Kinegal, Bianca Li, Jeff Mah, Karen Maetin, David Partridge, Leonard Pawer, Sandy Rasoda, Kathleen Salbuvik, Mitch Ward, Janet White, and Frederick Weil.  The researchers who were involved included: Valerie Triggs, Wendy Neilsen, John Collins, and Anthony Clarke.

Since that time, a number of other researchers have become involved in work on and assisting with the on-going development and analysis of the MPI data.  These include Juanjo Mena, Sébastien Chalies, and Chatree Faikhamta.

Key Publication

The MPI is a fully validated instrument as reported in:

Clarke, A., Collins, J., Triggs, V., & Neilsen, W. (2012). The mentoring profile inventory: An online professional development resource for cooperating teachers. Teaching Education. 23(2), 167-194. 

Other Publications

Faikhamta, C., & Clarke, A. (in press). Thai Cooperating Teachers’ Motivations and Challenges in Supervising Student Teachers During Their Internship Program.  Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences.

Nielsen, W., Mena-Marcos, Juan-José, J., Clarke, A., O’Shea, S., Hoban, G., & Collins, J. (2017). Australia’s Supervising Teachers: Motivators and Challenges to Inform Professional Learning. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 45(4), 346-368.

Clarke, A. &, Collins, J. (2017). Comparative Work Within The Context of Practicum Settings: A First Look At What Motivates and Challenges Cooperating Teachers From Five Countries . In Xudong Zhu, Lin Goodwin and Huajun Zhang (Eds.) Quality of Teacher Education and Learning: Theory and Practice. Springer: Heidelberg.

Lu, L., Wang, F., Ma, Y., Clarke, A, & Collins, J. (2016). Exploring Chinese teachers’ commitment to being a cooperating teacher in a university-government-school initiative for rural practicum placements. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 36(1), 34-55.

Neilsen, W., Clarke,A., Triggs, V., & Collins, J, (2011), The Teacher Education Conversation: A Network of Cooperating Teachers. Canadian Journal of Education, 33(4), 837-868.

Project Coordinators

There exists the possibility for individuals to become ‘Project Coordinators’ in their own jurisdiction.  Project Coordinators have access to the aggregate data for their cohorts.  Click here if you wish to be taken to the Project Coordinator link.


The MPI was created using funding provided by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council, Canada, and is housed on University of British Columbia servers.